Marie Kelmis

Hi I am Marie. I grew up the oldest in a large farm family here in Paso Robles. As kids we lived the best life. Lots of free time, lots of space and lots of raw materials. The farm was our playground! We worked together and played together. We had responsibility and fun! We climbed trees and made forts. We built stuff out of other stuff. As I grew up, I earned an A. A. degree in Early Childhood Education from Cuesta and taught for a short time. My husband and I then began a family. The real Early childhood education began! Raising kids is amazing! You learn so much from them! We homeschooled our kids and loved every moment of it. I learned so much! I began Little Preschool on Prairie about 15 years ago as my oldest was going away to college and my middle child just beginning college and my youngest, half way through high school. My philosophy of early education, has grown and evolved to what it is today. I am not done learning! I doubt I ever will be. I have had the opportunity to learn from some great mentors and teachers. Bev Bos, Michael Leeman, Dan Hodges and many other play based people. I have attended the Outdoor Classroom workshops, Children’s art classes and Social/Emotional workshops. I yearly, continue to attend workshops and classes to enhance our preschool. Over the past 8 years, I have been blessed with 7 grandkids. I have learned so much from them! During the past 15 years of leading and learning from the amazing kids that have been a part of the Little Preschool on Prairie community I think the most profound thing I have come away with is to wait. To wait and give a child time to work out their thought process, conflict, wonder, joy or whatever it is. Give them supported time to work out their emotions and then their actions. By waiting for the child to work it out on their own and being totally available, only as needed, the child gains power and confidence that they can gain no other way!


Hello I am Wendy. Marie and I met many years ago as we were both homeschooling our children. Since that time my husband and I have nurtured our children to young adulthood; currently they are both attending college. I realized I still loved working with young children and decided to continue my education. I am one semester away from completing an A.A. in Early Childhood Education. I also attend conferences and workshops that enhance my learning. I especially cherished the opportunity to attend the Good Stuff for Kids Conference and meet Bev Bos. Marie has been an amazing mentor teacher and friend. I have definitely learned more from her and her gentle style of teaching than any textbook could offer. I love being a guide to young children as they discover how to make their way in the world.


Hello, I am Breanna. I grew up surrounded by the forest, animals, and a large family. I explored my creative side and the forest with my two younger brothers and cultivated compassion and unity while caring for my many animals and younger cousins. I went to a small school where students learned synergistic problem solving skills and love for their natural environments and art. We worked with nature to grow our food. We were taught by example and motivated by feeling helpful and capable.

After a few tumultuous teenage years, I had a daughter and realized I needed to make the world a more suitable place for her and future generations. I was blessed with familial support and went back to work shortly after she turned one years old. I worked with special needs adults until the pregnancy of my second daughter. Whereupon, I chose to go back to school and took a few classes in Early Childhood Education. The classes stressed the importance of play and creativity in the learning environment especially in the early years.

In 2016, my husband and I began looking for a preschool that shared the same values as us. I came across Miss Marie’s preschool in a home-based daycare setting and was shocked to find her so knowledgeable. Miss Marie surpassed my expectations with attention to detail and the materials she provides based off the needs of the individual and her caring and warm nature to students and parents, alike.

Miss Marie invited me to work for her part time in 2017 to help further my knowledge of Early Childhood Education and to help my younger daughter transition when I return to school. She has provided resources and support and provides it in all stages of life. We are fortunate to have her guidance and love for mud!

I believe play cultivates creativity and gratitude; The acknowledgement of fear and sadness cultivates empathy and connection; And gratitude, imagination, and connection help us find enjoyment in life. I am excited to learn and grow together! .


Hi, I’m Adriana Bright. I am a teacher as well as Marie’s niece. I hold AA degrees in both Psychology and Liberal Arts and have been working on one for ECE. For the past 8 years I have been a substitute teacher at Little Preschool on the Prairie, and recently started teaching three days a week.

My son, Skylar, also attends Little Preschool on the Prairie, and has a blast! I enjoy being able to watch him learn through play and how to interact with his peers.