As a single working mother I wanted my 3 year not just to be in a daycare, I wanted her to be able to learn, laugh, play, explore new things with structure and encouragement . This is what I found at Little Preschool on Prairie. My daughter truly enjoyed going to school here where she learned songs that she would sing at home such as ABC’s and prayer songs and many more with a smile on her little face. This is important to me as a mother because kids love to sing and educational songs are a necessary for Kindergarten and prayer songs because we are a christian family that puts God first. She would come home with paint or mud in her hair and i would ask her “did you have fun today” and she would say “yes mom, fun and paint, and friends” So not only was she learning but having fun as well. I was working on potty training with my daughter and they helped her along and now she if fully potty trained. This is a big plus. I also loved the fact that i can go on Facebook and see pictures of her exploring and having fun with all the kids. The time that my 3 year old was attending Little Preschool on Prairie I had seen a big difference in my daughter such as attitude, respect for others, wanting to help more,be independent and explore more, due to the nurturing and encouraging environment they provided. Family and friends noticed a difference. Even when their was not school she still ask to go and when she was going back. She was extremely excited every morning to get ready and go to school. I would recommend to every one I know to take their children here. Grandmother approved!

Grandmother Approved!

My family has been part of the Little Preschool on Prairie family since my now seven year old daughter was 16 months old. Marie, Joseph, and Wendy were more than what we asked for.

They provide a fun, safe, loving environment where children thrive. Having had two children, one an alumni and one a current student, I have seen many children beginning their first days, shy and uncertain then bloom. They will race their parents to the door, unable to wait the start of their day.

Marie truly loves what she does and she she is a firm believer in learning through play which can be seen by the sand/mud area, water area, balance logs, and (yeah, someone still has them) climbing tree that has been affectionately named, Nessie.

This is not a place for Sunday best. I have picked up my daughter covered in mud and once or twice, covered in paint. My son’s feet grew accustomed to dirt, mud, and balance beams. And they learn. Both my children have surprised me with what they learned and they learned more than just academics. They learned patience, compassion and cooperation. How Little Preschool on Prairie does it, I have no idea but I am so thankful that I found them.

The Paulsen Family

We were so very fortunate to find Little Preschool on Prairie. Our daughter started attending Little Preschool on Prairie when she was two and a half years old. She was struggling with increased seizure activity and prescription side effects. With the guidance, support, and love from Marie and Wendy she flourished and made huge developmental growth! She learned how to make good choices, express herself, work with a group, and become more independent. Marie kept a close watch for signs of seizures and made sure to keep us involved with what was going on. She goes above and beyond to ensure the safety and well being of all the kids in her care. As a parent, you have to trust the person who is caring for your child. At Little Preschool on Prairie we always knew our daughter was in the best care.

Each child learns and responds differently. Marie’s extensive knowledge in child development enables her to offer each child what they require to learn and develop to their fullest. No other facility comes close to offering what Little Preschool on Prairie does. The majority of the day is spent outside where the the children choose the activity they want to be involved in and are encouraged to explore, be creative, and learn by play. Every area of the facility is set up to help develop fine and gross motor skills, social development, and cognitive development. There are new activities set up in morning, as well as individual and group projects available during the day to keep each child engaged and involved. And just as important, children are able to make choices. It is so important for them, and all of us, to learn how to make good choices! Besides the amazing gift of helping your child develop mentally,  they also have an outdoor classroom and absolutely fabulous outdoor play area where each child can physically and socially develop in group and individual activity. Our daughter really enjoyed playing in the mud kitchen, painting, going on the swings and the monkey bars, as well as pretend play. We all want to give our children the best. Little Preschool on Prairie does just that. They are dedicated to continued learning, growing, and evolving the facility to best serve the children. The superior facility and loving staff create a safe environment for your child to learn and grow. I recommend Little Preschool on Prairie to anyone with a preschool aged child!

D. Cooper

When my husband and I started looking into preschool for our first born son Declan, we were so overwhelmed. A friend of mine took me to the open house for Little Preschool on the Prairie and the decision was made. Observing the way Miss Marie & Miss Wendy went about teaching the kids through way of play and interaction was something I knew our son needed. They teach the kids to experiment with their surroundings (while being safe), how to use their words and communicate their feelings without being physical (we all know how difficult that is for a preschooler) and let them be creative and use their imagination all while learning the essentials needed to head off the kindergarten. When it is time for my second son to go to preschool, there is no other choice…he WILL be going to Little Preschool on the Prairie Preschool.

Brenna Brady

My son’s experience at Little Preschool has been life-changing and life-giving.  He feels listened too, loved and safe.  Their style of school allows kids to be kids and to explore the world. There is a section of the outside play area called, “loose parts” where my son can work with his friends and build things out of crates and tubing and using their own imagination create a whole new world.  There was a time that all the kids wanted to push big trucks around and they brought in more dirt one weekend and made an amazing space for the kids to push the trucks around in.  As a parent, I love that at this preschool playing and learning go hand and hand.  There is no doubt that the teachers love what they are doing and care for all the kids at the preschool. Seriously, we love Little Preschool on Prairie!

Amy Boggs

I am so grateful we found Little Preschool on Prairie! My daughter is getting an opportunity to socialize and learn body awareness and skills that will help her grow into adulthood in a safe, organized environment surrounded by a community that fosters love and independence. There has been a positive change in her attitude and language. She’s a much better playmate with her sister and I love all of her cute little songs she comes home singing!

Breanna MayerPhelps

Little Preschool on Prairie is a wonderful place for our son. Marie and Wendy are so empathetic and patient with the kids.  They both inspire me to be a better mom.  I truly feel that they treat each child as an individual and foster all the children’s budding personalities. I love that the kids are able to explore outside and engage in a variety of activities they are interested in. Our son has learned how to interact with others respectfully and use his words to tell others how he feels. I can’t imagine having him anywhere else. And when our younger son is old enough he will go there too! We love Little Preschool!

Lacey Akins

My son Wyatt went to Little Preschool on Prairie from age 15 month to four years old. The only reason we left was that their times had changed from full time to half time, which did not align with our work schedules.

Wyatt loved it there! And so did we. It was like sending your kid to stay with your favorite aunt at her house. The environment was so loving and warm and inviting. It is very hard to leave your 15 month old with someone else – but he was so happy there and I just knew he was in good and safe hands. I especially liked the amount of time he got to play and spend outdoors, get dirty, sensory games and enjoy being a child while still learning and experiencing new things. I truly believe we should let our kids be kids as long as possible, let them play outdoors, climb a tree, get muddy and wet and get paint in their hair. And he had all this and more at Mrs Marie’s. And while he played, he also learned how to count and sing songs, he learned some sign language and how to get along with other kids, how to use the potty and to listen to his friends and the teacher during story times.

Little Preschool on Prairie offers a well rounded, and oh so loving environment for your kids. I’m feeling very blessed that my son Wyatt got to spend his first years of daycare here. Mrs Marie and Mr Joseph will always be part of our family!

Sarah Palt

My daughter attended Little Preschool on Prairie from January – June 2016. During that time, we saw our previously shy, clingy daughter blossom into a confident, imaginative and more playful child. We watched as she transformed from being unsure of herself and her involvement in activities to coming up with her own games and involving other children. It thrilled us to see her running around barefoot and dirty, making friends and looking forward to going to school each day. She also had fun learning and particularly enjoyed practicing phonics at home. Marie and Wendy did a terrific job preparing her both socially and academically for TK.  We couldn’t have been happier with our choice in a preschool, I only wish she had gotten more time there.

Sarah Y

Little Preschool was a wonderful experience, not only for my son who attended, but for our entire family.  Playing and being outside is what my son lives for and that’s exactly what you do at Little Preschool on Prairie! Marie has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience that both my son and I benefited from. She always took time to answer questions, offer suggestions, and point me in the right direction when I needed help with sensory processing issues, potty training, and anything else I could think of. Both Marie and Wendy have a genuine love for little ones and it shows in everything they do. Their play based approach to learning honors what it truly means to be young and celebrates the growth and development that occurs naturally through play.  Little Preschool is a fantastic preschool that provides a fun and safe environment to play, grow, learn, and most importantly, be a child.

Wesla Pahler

We could not be happier with the experiences we have had at Little Preschool on Prairie’s childcare. Our oldest three children have all attended, and our youngest will as well. It is truly a home away from home. Ms. Marie and Ms. Wendy are so knowledgeable and caring and patient, you can tell they genuinely care about the children and love what they do.
The kids have so much fun with all the play based learning and sensory activities and don’t even realizing that they’re “learning.” My oldest started Kindergarten last year and it was a seamless transition. In fact, I think the social skills he learned at Little Preschool really empowered him and set him up for success! His time there was so enjoyable he still begs to visit any chance we get.
I cannot say enough good things, I already get sad thinking about our youngest child’s last day… And she hasn’t even started yet!

Stephanie Hutchinson

Little Preschool on Prairie is the perfect fit for our family. Miss Marie and Miss Wendy are extremely kind, attentive, and knowledgeable. Our 3 year old son has so much fun at school playing in the water, mud, and sensory areas. Art projects are a favorite of his as well. He has had the opportunity to improve his social skills and make new friendships. We feel very fortunate that our son is able to attend Little Preschool on Prairie.

Jed & Katie Dawson